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Daring Happiness Sessions

with Jennifer Kind

Me, you, and the truth. The truth and beauty of who you are.

There’s no better time than the present to learn to love and accept yourself exactly as you are RIGHT NOW.

It is time to get out of your own way and shut down the negative self-talk, stop repeating the same destructive patterns over and over again, and start understanding what’s holding you back and keeping you small.

Think of these sessions as us getting really curious together about what makes you tick. The work we do helps to rewire the brain and create new neural pathways, which just happens to be the best way to create lasting change! So, what’s our game plan?

Start With the Truth:

Anger, happiness, exhaustion, energy, perfectionism, procrastination, shame, joy, negativity, positivity, abandonment…let’s lay it all out and own your truth.

Mix in Some Dares:

Let the challenges begin by accepting where you are at and becoming much more mindful.

End With a Revolution:

Open the door to real change, join the Daring Happiness Revolution, and step into the greatness you deserve.

I offer both in-person Counseling and online Coaching at this time. I’m a therapist with coaching skills and a coach with therapy skills. Check out the descriptions below to get a better sense of what you want and need right now. And click on the images for more details.


Counseling is excellent if you feel that things from your past are really holding you back. You may be dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, anger, life transitions, etc. In counseling we dive deep into your unconscious and core beliefs to see where and how they are limiting you. The process is more long-term and is an important foundation of the healing journey. If this is you and you live in the Portland area, check out my counseling offerings here.



Coaching is excellent if things in your life are going fairly well, but you have a few places where you feel stuck or uncertain. You may just need to figure out how to get out of your own way. I can help with negative thinking patterns, self-sabotage, perfectionism, procrastination, insecurities, envy, indecision, etc. Coaching has a bit more of a forward, action-oriented momentum than counseling. And it is done via online video chat, or on the phone. If you are interested in coaching with me, check out my coaching offerings here.

Choose from 3 Daring Package Options


Click each name above for package options and details. Packages provide a structured, systematic way to bring more daring happiness into your life. One is sure to be the perfect fit for your daring growth.

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